Just as pedagogy is a process, becoming a Montessorian is also a life-changing and ongoing process.
— Ali Campbell, Massachusetts
I love our instructors. They were very good listeners to our concerns. All instructors are very informative. They have a deep understanding and love for Montessori education which inspires us to be good educators.
— Divya Jain, Massachusetts
The instructors are so passionate and committed to making a strong cadre of teachers.
— Jennifer Skiffington, Texas
The inaugural summer of METTC was a success.
— Lindsay Davis, Florida
I’m glad I chose METTC.
— Michael McKiernen, Illinois
This has been a great start to my Montessori journey. Thank you to all the METTC staff. I am very excited to get back to my classroom.
— Joy Frankford, Ohio
I can’t wait to take all that I’ve learned this summer and take it back to my classroom and bring back my enthusiasm!
— Krista Maynard, Massachusetts
Participating in the training program this summer has sparked such an enthusiasm in my desire to teach. The instructors are so professional and extremely knowledgeable. Thank you!
— Mary Testa, Maine
The instructors are highly knowledgeable in the content areas.
— James Casanega-Wert, North Carolina
We have learned to become Montessorians, not just Montessori teachers.
— Michelle Mathai, Massachusetts
I have been constantly amazed that I know so little, in the most positive and humbling way.
— Justine Brooks, Rhode Island
This course gave us the hands-on experience with materials that is so crucial to any Montessori environment.
— Sarah Sundstrom, Massachusetts
I was steeped in the Montessori philosophy like I never was before. I learned a lot.
— Amanda Pillsbury, Massachusetts