At METTC’s spring seminar, we had an accreditation visit for our new 9-12 stand alone program. Although the final determination for AMS full affiliation and MACTE accreditation is in process until its approval by the AMS Board and at the annual MACTE meeting in July, we can now announce and celebrate that we are an AMS Applicant Affiliate and a “Candidate in Good Standing” in this process.

There is still space available in our cohorts for Elementary I, Elementary I-II, and Elementary II (9-12 stand alone), but complete your application form now:

Montessori Elementary Teacher Training Collaborative (METTC)

Offering new teacher certification cohorts for Elementary I (6-9), Elementary II (9-12 including 9-12 stand-alone or 6-12 for those with 6-9 credentials), and Elementary I-II (6-12 over two or three summers) beginning in the Summer of 2019, at Lexington, MA

METTC’s teacher education program carries the heritage of the highly respected CMTE/NY program that our experienced elementary faculty developed over 30 years. These veteran presenters formed the Montessori Elementary Teacher Training Collaborative and offered the Elementary I course for the first time in Massachusetts to 20 teachers during the summer of 2013, introduced the Elementary I-II course to 32 new teachers in 2014, and launched the 9-12 Elementary II course in 2015, with a 9-12 stand alone option in 2017. This coming summer marks our seventh season of delivering high quality elementary Montessori teacher training in Lexington, Massachusetts.

METTC offers Montessori Elementary teacher training and certification programs for EI (6-9), EII (9-12), and EI-II (6-12). Adult learners join experienced faculty from across the USA and around the world for this unique training. For more information, visit

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“This has been a great start to my Montessori journey. Thank you to all the METTC staff. I am very excited to get back to my classroom.”
– Joy Frankford, Ohio