Come to METTC's 
Elementary I (6-9), Elementary I-II (6-12) or
Elementary II (9-12for holders of an AMS Elementary I Credential)Training
Summer 2017, Lexington, MA

METTC’s teacher education program carries the heritage of the highly respected CMTE/NY program that our experienced elementary faculty developed over 30 years. These veteran presenters formed the Montessori Elementary Teacher Training Collaborative and offered the Elementary I course for the first time in Massachusetts to 20 teachers during the summer of 2013, introduced the Elementary I-II course to 32 new teachers in 2014, and launched the 9-12 Elementary II course in 2015. This coming summer marks our fifth season of delivering high quality elementary Montessori teacher training in Lexington, Massachusetts.

Directing the program are:

Robyn Breiman M.Ed.,
AMS 3-6 and 6-12

D’Neil Duffy M.Ed.,
AMI 3-6, AMS 6-12

Michael Duffy M.Ed.,
AMS 6-12

Biff Maier M.Ed.,
AMS 3-6 and 6-9, AMI 6-12

Faculty also including:


Lisa Blackford
Dan Filler
Seth Johnson
Shaina LaFlamme
Lydie Raschka
Sheila Reed
Vanessa Rigaud
Holly Stoehr
Diana Traylor
Martha Torrence
Mary Velasquez
Dave Wilkins
Joel Wilkinson





“This has been a great start to my Montessori journey. Thank you to all the METTC staff. I am very excited to get back to my classroom.” – Joy Frankford, Ohio

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Our Intro & Overview program course is now full; there are limited spaces still available for E-I and E-II this summer. Find our 2017 dates and  Learn more about all of our programs here . . .

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