Teachers taking the METTC training can apply their Montessori education to a graduate degree under several options:


Endicott College and The Institute for Educational Studies (TIES), Beverly, MA
For those looking for a deeper dive into Montessori philosophy as the road to a masters degree, The Institute for Educational Studies (TIES) offers a complete on-line course through Endicott College, with 12 credits for your Montessori internship.

  • Emphasizes the teacher’s role in advocating for a secure and sustainable world.
  • Recognizes that diversity, interdependence, ecological awareness and a realization of the body-brain- spirit connection are integral to the Montessori teaching-learning context
  • Fosters the development of compassionate and collaborative learning communities
  • Promotes integration informed by experiential learning.

Contact: Warren Moliken (warren@earthties.org)

St. Catherine University, St. Paul, MN
St. Catherine offers METTC graduates 15 credits and requires 15 more credits to earn the masters degree (all coursework online). Among the courses offered, designed especially for Montessori teachers, are:

  • Analysis of Contemporary Issues in Montessori Education
  • Professional Growth of the Montessori Guide
  • Classroom Management and Leadership

Contact: Teresa Ripple (tmripple@stkate.edu)

Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH
Xavier offers METTC graduates 12 credits and requires 21 additional credits to earn the masters degree (all coursework online). The following courses are designed as 8-week modules over three semesters, although the time frame for courses is not just in 8-week modules:

  • EDSP 505 - Methods in early childhood: special education
  • EDME 550 - Methods of observation of children and assessment methods
  • EDME 551 - Montessori Education: a Philosophical Approach
  • EDFD 507/508 –Educational Research / Research Paper
  • EDFD 500 – History and Philosophy of Education in the US
  • EDFD 505 - Organization of Educational Systems in the US
  • EDME 563 – Early Cognitive Development

Contact: Julie Kugler Ackley M.Ed. (ackleyjk@xavier.edu)