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 Thursday, March 22 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

We will begin our Annual Conference with an Opening Ceremony featuring musical presentations by students from local Montessori schools. They will be followed by our 2018 Living Legacy honorees, D’Neil & Michael Duffy. The Duffy's will share how a lifetime of Montessori has enriched their family in the Living Legacy Address. The evening will culminate in a festive reception in celebration of the Duffy's career, character, and achievements.

Living Legacy Address: “Celebrations & Aspirations”

In the nearly half-century that D'Neil and Michael Duffy have been involved in Montessori education, they have witnessed many changes involving the American Montessori Society and other areas of the worldwide Montessori Movement. Some of these changes represent major reasons for celebration in relation to the past. They also represent aspirations or dreams for the future. Much has been accomplished, but much remains to be done if Maria Montessori's vision of a better world is to become a reality.

Drawing on their experiences and knowledge of the history of Montessori in the United States, the Duffy's will address issues related to the above. These will include unity among factions within the Montessori Movement, the presence of the Montessori Method within the public school arena, the scientific research needed to validate Montessori in the rest of the educational community, and the need for substantive books to explain Montessori in modern terms. Each area of focus will offer reasons for celebration of the past and a demand to aspire to more advances in the future.