Professional Development Workshops

METTC faculty members are committed to offering professional development workshops so teachers can be more effective in their classrooms and children can receive the best possible Montessori education.

Are some of the classroom practices in your school out of sync with Montessori philosophy and pedagogy? Do some teachers avoid certain parts of the curriculum because they lack confidence in their knowledge or skills, or do they have gaps in their training? Those are the kind of issues these offerings are designed to address.

The cost of having such a workshop at your school is $2,000 / day for one instructor and $3,000 / day for two instructors, plus expenses (travel, lodging and meals). If you want only a half day workshop, the cost would be $1,500 for one presenter. Most sessions are designed for 3-4 hours, allowing for two sessions in a full day of professional development, with AMS credits available.

You could decide on an intensive, interactive workshop exclusively for your school's teachers, or you could invite teachers from area schools to attend a seminar type format and charge a modest fee to participants to defray expenses.

We offer two kinds of programs:

  • Refresher courses that review the standard offerings of Montessori training, available from any of our faculty whose availability matches your timing needs. Learn more...
  • Unique workshops developed by specific faculty members that go beyond the standard fare of Montessori training, again subject to availability of the presenters. Learn more...

“The instructors are so passionate and committed to making a strong cadre of teachers.”
– Jennifer Skiffington, Texas