Refresher Workshops

METTC faculty members are available to review parts of the curriculum and / or Montessori philosophy and management. We encourage you to pick out areas that match the specific needs of your school, in any combination of units, and to favor depth over breadth.

6-12 - Philosophy / Management

Montessori's life, Montessori in America / Key Concepts/ Prep of the Teacher / Prep of the Environment / Observation/ Cosmic Education / Autonomous Learner / Planes of Development / Neurological Development / Montessori and Modern Theories / Special Education / Peace and Conflict Resolution / Community Building / Assessment and Record-Keeping / Relations with Parents, Parent Education, / Going Out, Big Trip / Curriculum Planning.

6-9 History

Concepts of time, parts of the year, months and days of the week, BC/AD (BCE/ CE) / Fundamental Human Needs / Clock of Eons, Timeline of Life

9-12 History

Human evolution / civilization studies / U.S. history

6-9 Biology

External parts / first knowledge / body functions / first classification

9-12 Biology

Vital functions / advanced classification / human biology

6-9 Geography

Physical, political, economic geography / Creation and nature of elements/ Sun and Earth/ Composition of the Earth/ Work of Air / Work of Water

9-12 Geography

Maps and mapmaking / world political and economic geography

6-9 Science

Light, sound, and magnetism

9-12 Science

Evolutionary chemistry

6-9 Math

Golden beads, stamp game / bead frames, checkerboard /test tube division / memorization materials / money and measurement / multiples and factors / fraction and decimal numeration

9-12 Math

Fraction operations / decimal operations / squaring and square root / cubing and cube root /positive and negative numbers, number systems

6-9 Geometry

Basic concepts, lines, angles / polygons, triangles, quadrilaterals / congruency, similarity and equivalence / 2nd level constructive triangles

9-12 Geometry

Equivalence studies / area / volume / theorem of Pythagoras.

6-9 Language

Reading: traditional Montessori, shared reading, guided reading / literature based reading, comprehension, assessment and remediation / Writing: History of Writing, handwriting and spelling / Process Writing, expository writing / Grammar: function of words / sentence analysis

9-12 Language

Literature circles / writers' workshop, senior project / Grammar: advanced function of words, 2nd level sentence study / advanced verb study/ advanced sentence study

“The instructors are so passionate and committed to making a strong cadre of teachers.”
– Jennifer Skiffington, Texas